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10/03/2016· I have been undertaking fieldwork within former coalmining communities in and around Barnsley, conducting oral history interviews with local people who have a connection with the mining industry. These interviews have generated narratives of participation and reflections upon the nature of cultural participation and value in these areas. As

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2/06/2016· Solving the social discontent with mining and allowing mining to reach its full potential on local communities will require a broader discussion and institutional reforms. These would address some difficult questions: Should native inhabitants benefit from mining through individual ownership rights? Should local communities be given a stronger

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9/11/2019· This is particularly true when it comes to local communities that are negatively affected by mining and mostly insufficiently compensated. Two related issues account for this state of affairs.


local communities and the relationship between mining companies and communities are subjects that have become important in developing and developed countries alike. To date, however, there has been a dearth of comprehensive research on these topics. Given that the relationship between mining companies and communities is changing rapidly –

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When mining royalties become radioactive for local communities. By Richard Baker. August 11, 2019 — 12.00am. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. Charlie Jackson’s dad was

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21/08/2017· For many mining companies working in or near these communities, providing employment opportunities, education, training, and other services or benefits to their local Indigenous communities isn’t just something that’s part of a Land Use Agreement. It’s also

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It is impossible to relocate any mining company. This fact determines the corporate citizenship profile of many of them anywhere in the world. Bulgaria is not an exception. Here we will not just list the ways by which the Bulgarian companies collaborate with local communities. Moreover, they play a significant role in the strategic planning and

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MINING DEVELOPMENTS AND SOCIAL IMPACTS ON COMMUNITIES: BOWEN BASIN CASE STUDIES Vanessa Petkova, Stewart Lockie, John Rolfe and Galina Ivanova Abstract ] Mining activities in Australia tend to be cyclical, with boom and bust times impacting upon associated communities.


LOCAL COMMUNITIES AND MINES CHAPTER 9 MMSD THE MINING, MINERALS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT 199 Power differentials can leave a sense of helplessness when communities confront the potential for change induced by large,powerful external companies.

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GREAT insights Magazine Local communities can reap better benefits from mining if market and fiscal channels are strong. July 2017 . Chuhan-Pole, P., Dabalen, A.L. Local communities can reap better benefits from mining if market and fiscal channels are strong.

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If you have a mineral exploration, prospecting, retention or mining licence in Victoria, then these guidelines are for you. They have been developed to provide practical advice on the duty to consult, community engagement plans and models of community engagement.

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All of this implies a very different kind of relationship between mining companies and local communities—one based on partnership and engagement rather than paternalism. And one that seeks to respect the rights of local communities, leading to more sustainable outcomes for communities and companies alike.

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communities as part of the debate around the costs and benefits of mineral development. Communities have become more vocal in expressing their expectations for benefits, while mining companies are concerned about the need and means by which to obtain and main-tain their “social license to operate” based on local community support. The World

Communities seeking economic benefit from mining

Local communities are increasingly seeking economic benefit from mining activities in their regions through equity stakes, infrastructure development, stone creation and improving the communities

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The Social Implications of Mining in Australia. iStockphoto . By Kieren Moffat and Justine Lacey . What is the future of mining in Australia, and can it be more sustainable? The mining industry in Australia features in much of the public discussion about our current and future prosperity. As advocates for the mining industry point out, the materials that mining produces are central to almost

Communities seeking economic benefit from mining

Local communities are increasingly seeking economic benefit from mining activities in their regions through equity stakes, infrastructure development, stone creation and improving the communities


There are several studies about the social harms of coal mining from the Hunter Region but few Australian studies directly examine the health effects of coal mining or coal burning power stations on the health of local communities. Much of the peer reviewed literature comes from the Appalachian coal

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MAC was launched in 2001, and its priorities are governed by an editorial board, under our foundation statement, the London Declaration.. We provide communities, NGOs, activists, the media and the general public with information about many aspects of global mining and its impacts.


IMPACT OF URANIUM MINING ON ABORIGINAL COMMUNITIES IN THE NORTHERN TERRITORY Irene Wilson . Committee Office, Department of the Senate. April 1997 . Executive Summary Chapter 1 Introduction . This stone is an examination of the impact of uranium mining on Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

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Mining and local communities: free, prior and informed consent in South Africa? The focus on consent from broader communities in relation to land requires a nuanced and measured approach to avoid tumultuous relationships between the stakeholders involved.

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12/10/2016· Mining towns are actually a fantastic place to get a start in the industry. They’re the ideal place to go if you want an entry-level stone in the industry as, often, mining companies are keen to hire from the local community first. So it can be an easier way to get your foot in the door than looking for a FIFO job. The Not So Good. Housing

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This study focuses on the local and regional impact of large-scale gold mining in Africa in the context of a mineral boom in the region since 2000. It contributes to filling a gap in the literature on the welfare effects of mineral resources, which, until now, has concentrated more on the national

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3. Mining and the impact on local communities. Mining companies are in the business of extracting valuable minerals for a profit. The technical, legal and commercial functions that are needed to support efficiencies in the extraction of minerals are understood as being at the core of this business. However, over the past two decades the

Making agreements on Aboriginal land: Mining and

Making agreements on Aboriginal land: Mining and development. Mining on Aboriginal land contributes more than a billion dollars a year to the Northern Territory economy and accounts for 80 percent of the Territory’s income derived from mining.

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valuation of land (mining) land exempt from rates. The Minister for Local Government has endorsed policies that guide the exercise of the power to approve the imposition of rates or guide the power to determine the method of valuation of land. Application forms are available in the policy documents.

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and radio advertising, mining community organisations (Mining Communities United, FIFO Families and Mining Family Matters), civic institutions (such as Local Government, Human Service Agencies, Shire Councils and Chambers of Commerce) and contacts randomly selected from community directories. The vast majority of survey responses came from

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4. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH LOCAL COMMUNITIES. The area of CSR community involvement, building relationships with local groups, indicated in ISO 26000, includes mining company practice activities in the field of building relationships with local authorities and local communities.

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26/09/2016· Many mining and resource companies experience significant costs every year due to conflicts with local communities. In the oil and gas industry, project delays have nearly doubled in the last decade due to community conflict. Goldman Sachs estimated this

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Through a review of select social science literature on mining communities the stone examines work, family and community structures and processes that promote and sustain patriarchy in mining

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Local government, mining companies and resource development in regional Australia . Meeting the governance challenge . FINAL REPORT . JULY 2012 . Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Sustainable Minerals Institute and . The School of Social Science . The University of Queensland, Australia . [email protected] . csrm.uq.edu.au

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the development contributions which mines were making, especially in local mining communities. The subsequent introduction of development agreements did little to improve the situation. In fact, they worsened policy directions, with the country oscillating between tight mining regimes to relaxed ones. One outcome has been

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Mining and community engagement in Peru: communities telling their stories to inform future practice . There is a need for improved community engagement processes in many parts of the world. This report presents an in-depth contextual framework for an understanding of the community experience of mining as a historical process. An extensive

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The mining industry impacts significantly on local communities economically, socially and environmentally. A social licence to operate should ensure these impacts are positive, and clearly understood by the communities. With that in mind, let's take

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27/02/2018· The mining industry forms an important pillar of the global economy. While the economic impacts of mining have been thoroughly explored and social impacts recently have received growing attention, increasingly, mining developments are being required to consider how they affect local communities and

‘Conflict Minerals’ initiatives in DR Congo: Perceptions

reactions regarding their impact on local livelihoods. This report aims to provide insight into the impact of initiatives on the livelihood strategies of local communities in the DRC, based on field research in a wide range of mining areas; and document the perceptions of local stakeholders of